Your Bakery Dreams Come True at BerryRich

By Susan Hacker

Congratulations Allentown, a new gem has joined your ranks. BerryRich Bakery & Café celebrated their grand opening at 2 North Main Street over the summer on July 9.

I stopped in for a visit recently and to do my Sweet Tooth Taste Test. The first thing you notice as soon as you open the door is the aroma. All baking is done on the premises and you get hit with that deliciousness just by inhaling. The décor has that small town feel with comfy seating for guests to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and some chit chat with friends or while they wait for their order to be packed up.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ernie Rich, the Executive Pastry Chef/owner and his wife Doretta, the Barista of the family. They are both New Jersey natives and currently live in neighboring East Windsor. Ernie has 35 years of experience all over New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. He was trained at Johnson & Wales and honed his craft working at some amazing restaurants over the years. He is also
the Chef instructor of “Chocolates and Confections” at Mercer County Community College. So essentially, he has a degree in delicious and teaches it as well.  Doretta likes to stay behind the counter and give Ernie the spotlight but seriously…you have to taste her coffee! Watch your back Starbucks. Doretta took me behind the scenes and introduced me to their secret weapon…Big Bertha. Big Bertha is their behemoth oven from the 1970’s, though a little temperamental, bakes your purchases the way they were when you were a kid.
I have sampled baked goods from famous bakeries in our area. They are picture perfect but the taste was disappointing. Unlike most bakeries, BerryRich’s cakes look great but they taste even better. My sweet tooth was doing the happy dance!  Warm chocolate croissants right out of the oven, cider donuts, a great selection mini-cupcakes, beautiful breads to adorn any dinner table. Even my savory tooth was happy after eating their Western Omelet Croissant. Nothing better than one of those and a cup of Doretta’s coffee to start your day.

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Ernie can build your dreams in pastry creams. Bring in a photo of your dream cake and let that man loose. He is truly an artist!

Definitely check this place out and remember them for your holiday dinners. I suggest getting your order in early to be sure your favorite cakes, cookies and pies will be waiting for you when you arrive. Save me a red velvet mini-cupcake when you go!

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